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The affects of pollution in the state of Delaware and throughout the United States is negatively impacting our environment. Throughout the last 50 years, trash accumulation has been less frequently talked about and now it is becoming a real problem that we are trying to bring awareness to. Plastic bags in the United States are one of the biggest problems along with plastic water bottles and food containers. On average, a single person in America produces about three pounds of trash each day, making that about 981,502,302 pounds of trash throughout the U.S.

Our long term mission is to drastically decrease that number by educating the public on the importance of recycling and how we can help as a community. Eco Plastic Products of Delaware collects discarded plastic from different locations throughout Delaware and transform it into consumer goods.

Here at Eco Plastics, we offer the opportunity for individuals or groups to come in and learn about recycling and  what we do at our facility. We have options for community service, schools and community groups. Please sign up today to come in and check us out!

Due to COVID, we are not giving any tours until further notice.

Please sign up to check out our Educational Center.

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The plastic comes into our facility at station 1.

The plastic is then grinded up in the Densifier or the Extruder.

After the plastic goes through the grinding process, it is then made into one of our products. This bench is made of approximitely 31,000 plastic grocery bags.