Plastic Recyclable FAQ's

Here we will tell you where to drop off the recyclables, what to look for when you're recycling and how to determine the different kinds of plastic.

Due to overwhelming post-COVID plastic donations, the Eco Plastic Facility is currently at capacity. Eco Plastics is temporarily suspending accepting plastic donations until we get caught up.

What We Collect

When we resume plastic collection, we will start to accept only #2 plastic. That includes bubble wrap, plastic bags, various types of bottles and containers, and miscellaneous bottle caps.

How to Determine the Difference

#2 (HDPE) is one of the most common types of recycled plastic. You can determine the type of plastic it is by looking on the bottom of any bottle or container to find a triangle with a number.

Dropping Off The Recyclables 

-Our Facility (18 Germay Dr. Wilmington, DE 19804)

-We are currently suspending all plastic dnoations until further notice. Please check back with us for any updates.

Please rinse and dry and remove lids from any plastic bottles or containers. Please separate plastic bags and lids from other plastic

We Do Not Take:






-Plastic with metal screws



-#3 (PVC)

-Plastic medical waste