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ECOP collects #2 recyclable plastic and transforms it into sustainable products.

We sell 100% recycled plastic products that will last a lifetime. Our products are UV protected,

weather resistant, and maintenance free. 

Aiming for LEED Certification? Our products are 100% recycled and can help with the process.

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If you collect the weight of the item you are interested in, in plastic, you will receive a discounted price of $0.25 off per pound. (Ex. If something weighs 100 pounds, you will receive $25.00 off of that item.)

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Shorty Bench


Park Bench
Bicycle Rack



Picnic Table
Hexagon Picnic Table


Wheelchair Accessible Table
Parking Block


Golf Accessories

Find out more information about pricing.




Find out more information about pricing.

Memorial Benches


Raised Garden Beds




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