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Memorial Park Bench

Memorial Benches:

We work with New Castle County in providing Memorial Benches to New Castle County Parks.

These are our standard 6ft. long benches with a plaque of someone in memory.

Memorial Park Benches:

  • 100% Recycled Plastic

  • Weather Resistant

  • 6ft. Long, 127 lbs.

  • UV Protected

  • Dyed with Organic Color

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Pre-Drilled for Assembly

  • No Maintenance Design

Price $525.00 


Bench, Plaque, Mounting Kit

Click Here To Order OR Call 302-575-9227

We require a 50% deposit to start production.


1. We will not install a bench without a permit from The Parks Permit Office.

2. The Memorial Benches has to be 6ft. long

3. Parks include Glasgow Park, Delcastle Park, Carousel Park, and other County Parks if you get permission from the county.

4. Colors include: Glasgow Park: Blue with black legs, unless its the dog park, then it is brown with black legs.

Delcastle Park and Carousel Park: Green and brown with black legs

5. Plaque must be from Eco Plastics

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