Cooperative School Collection Program

At Eco Plastics, it is important for us to teach kids the benefits of recycling. Our Cooperative Community School Project is a great opportunity for kids to have hands on experience with collecting and sorting plastic while learning about the recycling process.


We work with different schools and community groups by encouraging them to collect as much plastic as they can. In return we make them items of their choice in any color that they want. We will give a discount of $0.25 per pound based on the total weight of any products purchased from Eco Plastics.

Ex. If something weighs 100 pounds, you get $25.00 off.

We are suspending plastic donations until further notice, but when we do resume collection, we will only be accepting #2 plastics. That includes plastic bottles, plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, miscellaneous bottle caps and more. Please check back for any updates.