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Who We Are 
And How We Became
Eco Plastic

Eco Plastic Products of Delaware is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that recycles eligible plastic and transforms it into consumer products.

Eco Plastic was founded in 2018 by Charlie Falletta and Jim Kelley. Charlie and Jim had worked together in the solar industry and always had a common interest in saving the environment. In 2008, Jim helped Charlie install 220 solar panels on the roof of our current facility. Since that time, they continued with similar business ventures. Now, they have reconnected for this business journey to begin a unique non-profit that is beneficial and positively impacts the environment.

The idea started in early spring of 2018 and the first bench was created in January of 2019. That bright blue park bench went into Newark Natural Foods in Newark, Delaware where it remains today. ECOP has donated their recycled products to several charities and non-profits. They even have a bench in Guam!


ECOP fulfills a dual mission by providing work to people in the full spectrum of human abilities.

Non-profit financial information can be found here.

Our Community

ECOP is actively engaged in community school programs and other charitable organizations that support similar causes. It is our mission to make a positive impact on our environment for future generations and to protect our wild life.

Our Facility

front of eco.JPG

This is ECOP's facility where we collect

recyclable plastic and manufacture different products.

solar panels.jpg

ECOP has installed  220 solar panels supplying 

close to 80% of our own power.


The Densifier Machine grinds up to

3,000 plastic bags at once.


The Granulator Machine grinds plastic bags,

containers, caps, and other #2 recyclable plastics.

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