At Eco Plastics, we like to be in involved in as many projects as we can. We donate some of our furniture to other non-profit organizations as well as work with schools to help educate the kids on the process of recycling and collection of different types of plastic. Our team is dedicated to being involved with the community as much as possible and is constantly working towards making a difference.

We donated a shorty bench to a family through Make-A-Wish Foundation. The family wanted a mauve color bench to match their newly mauve deck. 

Habitat for Humanity gave us the opportunity to donate a blue shorty bench for a golf tournament. They auctioned it off at a raffle and all of the proceeds went to the different programs Habitat for Humanity has to offer.

We had the chance to donate a bench to The Sierra Club for a silent auction that they are holding in December.

Queens Anne County School District collected 500 pounds of bottle caps and donated it to us. In return, we made them a green and yellow park bench representing the colors of their school.

Clayton Elementary also collected 500 pounds of bottle caps and delivered them to us. We made them two red hexagon picnic tables for the hard work of collecting the caps.

Smyrna Middle School saved 3,000 pounds of bottle caps in hopes to create something eco friendly. We have made them 6 red park benches out of bottle caps they have given us.

This is one of the first Benches that we have made. Newark Natural Foods agreed to put this bench in their store to show people what plastic can turn into if you recycle at Eco Plastics.

We support all walks of life and want to introduce our first pride bench! We made this bench for Liquid Alchemy Beverages to raffle off for the month of June.

DSWA (Delaware Solid Waste Authority) allowed us to put one of our blue park benches in their Education Center to educate the public on recycling.

We had the opportunity to donate one of our benches to the Chamber of Commerce Women's Leadership Conference. The tickets were raffled off and were given to the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

Tower Hill School collected 135 pounds of plastic in hopes to give back to the community. In return, we made them a multi-colored green and white park bench.

We had the opportunity to place a shorty bench along with one of our collection bins at Wild Birds Unlimited. This encourages customers to recycle their plastic while showing them the finished product made with their recyclables.

We donated a bench to Code Purple Kent County Delaware for people to have the opportunity to learn about recycling plastic while sitting in the garden on an Eco Plastic bench.

Eco Plastic Products donated a bench to The Chester County Arts Association in memory of Holly Silverthorne, who gave opportunities to inspiring artists to help them achieve their goal.