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We help the environment by collecting recyclable plastic and converting it

into something sustainable. Your support helps us clean our oceans and continue to educate people about recycling.

As a member, your tax deductible annual donation supports our cause.

You receive a free gift, product discounts, and invitations to our events.

ECOP Membership Levels and Premiums

Turtle $25

10% off any item,

AND 1 ECOP tote bag.

Sea Horse $60

10% off any item, AND 2 ECOP tote bags.

Dolphin $150

10% off any item,

AND 3 ECOP tote bags.

Reef $300

15% off any item,

AND 4 ECOP tote bags.

Mariana Trench $1500

15% off any item OR have a shorty bench donated to an organization of your choosing, AND 4 ECOP tote bags.

Ocean $5000 +

Receive a custom shorty bench

OR 20% off any ECOP item AND 4 ECOP tote bags.

Recycled plastic grocery tote bags are available for pick up at our facility.

Click below to become a member.

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