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We Can't Do It Without You

All Volunteers will need to complete and sign a

Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form.” 

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we require face masks if you enter the facility.

Volunteers will be limited and spaced 6 feet apart.

Volunteers are critical to Eco Plastic's mission. Everyday we need your support, in a variety of roles. Spend a two-hour shift, or longer with friends, family, and colleagues and help us "Recycle Today...Save Tomorrow"

Check out the fun and rewarding ways to make a difference in our community,

and lasting change world-wide.

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We need help with:

  • Accepting Donations

  • Sorting Plastic

  • Shredding/Extruding

  • Assembly/Building

  • Delivery

  • Community Outreach/Other

  • Sales/Marketing

Volunteer Opportunities

are color coded:

Easy = Yellow

Intermediate = Blue

Skilled = Red

Paid = Green

Community Outreach/Other = Purple

Volunteer Slots on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9AM-4PM.

Accepting Donations

A face mask, gloves, and friendly attitude are all it takes to help accept plastic donations at our facility. Every Thursday we take in plastic from 9AM-4PM. You’ll greet donors, accept the plastic, weigh it, and record the information. This is a great entry-level volunteer opportunity, and one that keeps EcoP going.

You must be 15+ to process donations.

Shifts are typically 2-4 hours long. Thursday 9AM - 12PM and 1PM-3PM.


Operating the shredder is critical to our operations. Eligible volunteers need to be steady on their feet, be able to walk up/down stairs, be able to lift pounds of plastic, and be vigilant following safety protocols. Hearing protection is required to operate the shredder. This position is Intermediate and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 hours.

You must be 18+ to be a shredder.

Shifts are typically 2-4 hours long and run throughout the week. Monday - Friday 9AM - 12PM and


Sorting Plastic

Anyone can sort plastic! Eco Plastic sorts bags away from containers and lids. The bags get separated by color. Lids get sorted by color into separate bins. Face mask and gloves are required.

You must be 15+ to sort plastic.

Shifts are typically 2-4 hours long and run throughout the week. Monday - Friday 9AM - 12PM and



Extruding is not complicated, but it does require training, concentration, and attention to detail. Eligible volunteers need to be experienced in operating machinery, be steady on their feet, and be able to walk up/down stairs. As this is high-temperature work, extruding requires patience and unwavering focus.

You must be 18+ to be an extruder. 


Is carpentry or skilled manufacturing one of your abilities? Are you great at layout, measuring, or drilling? It takes several hours to assemble our products, so a minimum time commitment of 2 – 3 hours is needed. Your talents help to build benches, picnic tables, and more. As always, ECOP puts quality and safety first!

You must be 18+ to volunteer for this position.

Shifts are typically 2-4 hours long and run throughout the week. Monday - Friday 9AM - 12PM and



If you have a truck, this would be perfect for you! Our delivery days are usually Fridays and we deliver 1 - 8 items at a time. Traveling could be 10 minutes to three hours. We will compensate for gas and tolls and pay extra for your time.

You must be 18+ to be a delivery driver.

Sales & Marketing

So many opportunities to promote and sell Eco Plastic products! We need your assistance in reaching out to create industry opportunities, make connections, and secure meetings with potential buyers at municipalities, corporations, non-profits, communities, and individuals everywhere. Is reaching out to potential customers in your comfort zone?  Can you tap into your business and social network to get the word out that Eco Plastic Products are the best investment? Are you sharp at social media? This is one Volunteer opportunity that pays you back…with commission.

There is no minimum or maximum age to

promote ECOP.

This position can be done at any time, every day of the week. The sky is the limit! Contact us today and we’ll get you started.

Community Outreach

We could use help with community outreach to build the ECOP brand and potentially team with other organizations. This can be from home and have several check-ins at the office per month.


Have an idea not listed here? Contact us to discuss it.

We have special projects that need your help.

Let us know that you want to be contacted for

Special Projects.

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