We Can't Do It Without You

Volunteers are critical to Eco Plastic's mission. Everyday we need your support, in a variety of roles. Spend a two-hour shift, or longer with friends, family, and colleagues and help us "Recycle Today...Save Tomorrow"

Check out the fun and rewarding ways to make a difference in our community, and lasting change world-wide.

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We could use help with:

-Sorting plastic

-Community outreach


-Plastic collection

-Bag Pick Up



Hours of volunteering are Monday-Thursday from 9AM-4PM. Call 302-575-9227 with questions.

Sorting Plastic

Sorting plastic is our most popular volunteer choice. As the plastic comes in, a lot of the times it is not sorted. We need help sorting the type and color of plastic before it heads to the granulator to be chopped.

Community Outreach

We could use help with community outreach to build the ECOP brand and potentially team with other organizations. This can be from home and have several check-ins at the office per month. 


If you have experience in building, this job would be great for you! We need help with assembling the products after they come out of the extruder. 

Plastic Collection

Every Thursday we take in plastic from 9AM-4PM. We could use help with weighing the plastic, deciding what plastic we can take and not take, and educating people about different types of plastic.

Bag Pick Up

Janssens Market and Zingo's collect plastic bags for us. We need someone to help pick these bags up once a week. Bags aren't super large, so they should fit in any regular sized car.


If you have a truck, this would be perfect for you! Our delivery days are usually Fridays and we can deliver anywhere from one to eight items. Traveling could be 10 minutes to three hours. We will compensate for gas and tolls and pay extra for your time.


If you have a different idea on how you can help Eco, we will be more than happy to listen and create a plan.



Thanks for helping us here at ECOP!

Cynthia Moore

Mary Rodgers

Fred Albertini

Rich Conroy

Marsha Albertini

Tom & Grace

Kelley Husted

Michelle Kelley

Cody Miller

Please call 302-575-9227 to help us out today!